Project Spotlight: Modern Manners – Tools to take you to the top
From the world-renowned etiquette expert and her granddaughter, Liv Tyler, an elegant guide to 21st-century manners for professionals who want to be confident and successful in the business and social arenas. Developing good manners is an important investment in your future. They allow you to feel at ease in any situation--and give you the polish and confidence to become a leader. Etiquette expert Dorothea Johnson's essential dos and don'ts address both 21st-century and classic questions.

With style, wit, and delightful commentary throughout from her granddaughter, Liv Tyler, on everything from being a good guest to finding a balance with technology, Modern Manners is the must-have guide to ensure your success.

Be sure to check out these beautiful outtakes of Liv taken for her recent feature in The Observer. Enjoy!

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We’ve added two beautiful new photos of Liv from her feature in the recent issue of The Observer. If you haven’t already, be sure to read the full interview below–it’s a really great read. I’m so glad she decided to continue acting.

THE OBSERVER – Liv Tyler, whose first movie role was two decades ago, may have just made the smartest choice of her career. In the autumn, she’ll appear on British TV screens in HBO’s The Leftovers – a good move not just because it’s her first ever television role, but also because the series is currently the most discussed TV show in the US.

Based on the novel by Tom Perrotta, who co-created the series along with Damon Lindelof of Lost fame, it’s set in a world where, three years previously, 2% of the world’s population suddenly vanished without explanation. The series follows those who have been left behind in the fictional small town of Mapleton, New York. As with Lost, it’s a show that likes to confound. Intent on making you feel just as bewildered as the residents of Mapleton, it’s unnerving, thrilling television. Perrotta himself has admitted, “This is not a show that’s going to give out a lot of reassurance; it’s about faith and religion and mystery and grief.” Time magazine called it “one of the truest TV evocations… of the waking-dream feel of actual mourning.”

Tyler plays Meg, a pale and crumpled woman welling with rage who eventually leaves her fiance for an eerie and nihilistic cult called the Guilty Remnant, who dress in white, chainsmoke and refuse to speak.

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Liv made an appearance on CBS’ The Talk earlier today and some short snippets of her interview have surfaced online. We’ll work on adding screen captures from the interview, and also Liv’s recent talk show appearances very soon.

You can find another clip under the cut. Enjoy!

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Liv is featured in the british Vanity Fair (August issue) with an absolutely amazing new photoshoot, scans can be found in the gallery.

003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg

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The first trailer of Liv’s upcoming movie ‘Space Station 76′ has been released. Be sure to check it out below!

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A stunning new photoshoot and interview by Eva Mendes with Liv has been released in which she talks otherwise about politics, The Leftovers and her very own beauty routine. Photos can be found in the gallery and the interview can be read below!

001_3.jpg 002.jpg 005.jpg 009.jpg

By year’s end, America may have a female presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton, and actress Liv Tyler is an unabashed supporter of this kind of progress. Tyler embraced the role of unofficial campaign poster girl for VIOLET GREY’s July cover story when she slipped on this cheeky t-shirt in support of Hillary, in support of women. Politics and beliefs aside, Tyler champions fellow women— whether they reside in the White House or Hollywood— and manages to assuage any controversy with her genuinely kind heart. Photographed in upstate New York on an afternoon by a quiet lake, Tyler traded her all-black Manhattan wardrobe for a pair of her “lover’s” vintage Levi’s, all the while projecting the serene aura and charm that has captivated her fans since Empire Records.

The easygoing attitude on set may have been due, in part, to Tyler’s relationship with makeup artist Genevieve Herr, who has been responsible for Liv’s makeup since Tyler first appeared in Hollywood. (Tyler affectionately refers to her work as the “Genevieve special,” the kind of self-esteem-boosting artistry no one can match.) Or it could be that Liv will always just be Liv, the free-spirited girl in the convertible first seen alongside Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith’s Crazy music video. It’s her giggly, hands-in-the-air attitude that first entranced fellow actress and friend, Eva Mendes, who at the time of the video’s release was just another Liv Tyler fan.

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In order to promote her current TV-show “The Leftovers” Liv did quite some photoshoots and interviews in the past few months. Be sure to view the lovely outtakes and scans in our gallery!

004.jpg 009.jpg 005.jpg 014.jpg
002.jpg 003.jpg 001.jpg 003.jpg

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Trying to catch up on all the latest events Liv attended in 2014, I updated the gallery with all the recent appearances.

022.jpg 014.jpg 005.jpg 074.jpg

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Liv was spotted filming new scenes for the TV-series “The Leftovers” on February 20. More photos will be updated this weekend as I’ll also catch up on all the missing photos.
EDIT: the gallery has been updated with the missing on set photos!

002.jpg 004.jpg 015.jpg 018.jpg

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If there was a celeb award for moving through life (and down the red carpet) with grace and ease, Liv Tyler would win. Model, actress, mom, street-style pro, and hostess with the mostess, she literally co-wrote (with her grandmother) the manual for modern manners. It was no surprise, then, when she teamed up with One Kings Lane for an awesome guest-editor sale. Reflecting her self-described eclectic style and passion for vintage, her picks are the perfect “girly-chic meets old-fashioned cozy” vibe.

So, we hopped on the phone to discuss her manners pet peeves, holiday-playlist go-to songs, and design point of view. And, the only thing better than sweeping up everything at the star’s One Kings Lane sale? An invite to peek at her N.Y. pad (and dreamy pink sofa!) for ourselves. (Liv, we promise to bring our best manners.)

How would you describe your own home/design aesthetic in a few words? 
“I’m so eclectic in my taste, and I really collect things from all over. I have this beautiful pink couch — it looks a little bit like a Chanel bag, has all these tassels…My taste is also a little bit old-fashioned, a little girly. I love the Hollywood-Deco vibe, all with a weird, modern twist of Danish.”

What are your rules for holiday decor? Do you go over the top with holly and lights and stuff? Or, do you keep things more low-key? 
“Really, I think just have fun; it depends if you have children or not. When I was a little girl, my mom [and I] would string popcorn and cranberries. When I drive by someone’s house and it’s all decked out for the holidays, it makes me smile. I have an 8-year-old son, so all those things are really fun.”

What are your best holiday hosting tips? 
“It’s so hard because there are so many things! One thing I always try to do — because I love music so much — is to always try to make a playlist and think about the tone I want to set. Especially around Christmastime, there are all these songs that have this nostalgia. I’m into baking and cooking a lot, so I have a playlist called “Kitchen Happiness” with Edith Piaf, Nina Simone, Fats Waller, and Cab Calloway.”

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